We are …

… a group of people, affected directly or indirectly with Parkinson’s:

  • As patients we have to deal with the effects of the disease on a daily basis.
  • The life of carers is heavily influenced by the increasing needs of the patient.

That’s why we are interested in all possibilities to stop or slow down the progression of the illness and – moreover – never give up the hope, that research will come up with a cure for Parkinson’s.

We are located in the Dundee area including Tayside, Fife, Stirling, Perth and Kinross and open to anyone interested in the research of Parkinson’s. With a world class laboratory at Dundee University and the Dundee-Edinburgh Parkinson’s Research Initiative we have first-hand access to results and are able to inform our members quickly. And we are able to support clinical trials by distributing the information to our members.

There are also close links to other RIGs, especially to ERIG, the Edinburgh Research Interest Group.

The People

Chairperson: Marc van Grieken

Marc van Grieken

Secretary: Werner Remmele

Werner Remmele

Steering Committee:

Marc van Grieken
Sue Harley
Chloe Macmillan
John Minhinick
Charles McGourty
Janet Niven
Ron Page
Wilma Page
Werner Remmele
Dorothy Roth
Michael Roth
Lindsay Roy
Esther Sammler
Billy Webster